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Vajra Wisdom Foundation is pleased to be scheduling Teachings for 2019. Registration On-line saves you money and you get all your practice text included.

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Registration, Donations & FAQ

At Vajra Wisdom Foundation, we've done our best to create a web site that anticipates and satisfies our Sangha and Practitioners' needs. There is a list of frequently asked questions below this form. You are welcome to contact us by phone: 1.843.885.8603, M-S 3pm to10pm ET or EMAIL us.
All donations and purchases are tax deductible!

Please Register, RSVP and Donate $25 to attend all events.
If you do not want to register here.
You can complete a quick RSVP and donate $25 { HERE.
Once we have received your RSVP and donation you will be scheduled. If we do not receive your donation, RSVP and confirmation. You can not attend the classes. All payments are secure!

We also accept Google Pay. >>> Click Here >>> with your donation and we will send you an invoice to your email. You must have a Google Pay account.

Private Tarot Card Readings available after 7 p.m.TUE & THU & SUN
Please { EMAIL US or { REGISTER and let us know that you would like a reading.


Do I have to pay my registration all at once?

NO, you have the option to pay the day before the class or at the class itself.



Where can a get practice materials and supplies

Please go to:




Where can we get custom practice items

Send an e-mail to and tell us what you need.




All questions regading accounting should be sent to:



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